Accident & Incident Investigation

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Accident & Incident Investigation

Accident investigation is an essential part of any workplace health and safety management system and ensures that accidents are analysed and the root causes identified, to try and prevent any future accidents.

The recommendations for improvement made during this process not only help prevent reoccurrence but strengthen the management system in place.

Investigating Accidents & Incidents

Every business or organisation faces problems from time to time. Preparation is the key to reducing the impact of unexpected events. If you have effective plans in place that are regularly tested, workers and managers will be more capable of dealing with the effects of an accident or emergency.

Any measures you have put in place to help control risk and prevent accidents and incidents should be monitored and reviewed. The findings of your investigations can serve as the basis for preventing future accidents and incidents and improving your risk management strategy. You will also be able to identify areas in your risk assessments that need to be reviewed.

For an investigation to be effective, it must be methodical and structured in gathering, collating, and analysing information.

Accident & Incident Investigation FAQs

As part of your monitoring process, you must conduct health and safety investigations. Near misses can provide a great deal of insight into the way things are actually done in reality.
  • When you investigate your accidents and reported cases of occupational ill-health, you will be able to uncover and correct any breaches of health and safety legal compliance that may have been overlooked.
  • You would demonstrate to a court that your company is committed to health and safety if you thoroughly investigated an incident and took appropriate action to prevent further occurrences
  • If there is a claim, the findings of the investigation will also be crucial information for your insurers

An investigation can help you figure out why the existing risk control measures failed and what improvements should be made. An investigation can:

  • Make sure you get a real feel for what happens and how work is done (workers may find shortcuts to make their jobs easier or faster or may ignore rules – you need to be aware of this).
  • Manage risks more effectively in the future.
  • Share what you learn with others in your organisation
  • Demonstrate your commitment to effective health and safety and improving employee morale and thinking about safety

Each project is different. As such Elite Safety Services will prepare you a full quote on what is required for your business and how much it will cost.

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