COSHH Risk Assessments

Elite Safety Services can provide assistance with hazardous substance risk assessments

Professional COSHH Risk Assessments

Business owners are responsible for managing potential health and safety risks to their employees.

Elite Safety Services can provide assistance with hazardous substance risk assessments.

COSHH risk assessment service

A COSHH risk assessment is designed to provide specific controls for the use of a substance, bespoke to how it’s used in the workplace.

A COSHH assessment is used to make sure that control measures are taken into consideration to prevent or control exposure to substances that are hazardous to health. This will demonstrate that appropriate judgments and considerations have been taken to minimise health risks.

The COSHH assessment contains important information about the health and safety hazards posed by the use of chemicals and substances, required exposure control measures, first aid requirements, spillage containment, safe disposal requirements and so forth. COSHH personnel use this information to control and prevent exposure to these hazards.

COSHH Risk Assessment FAQs

COSHH, or Control of Substances Hazardous to Health,  is a law that requires employers to control hazardous substances. To prevent or reduce workers’ exposure to hazardous substances, you can:

  • Find out what health hazards there are and find ways to prevent them
  • Maintain all control measures
  • Inform, instruct, and train employees and other individuals
  • Maintain health records
  • Prepare for emergencies

There are a number of COSHH laws that employers must comply with.

  • Hazardous substance exposure must be prevented or controlled by employers. If necessary, this can include the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Implement control measures arand maintain control measures for hazardous substances and ensure they are kept up to date, in good working order, and clean
  • Provide employees with information, instruction, and training about working with hazardous substances
  • Implementing procedures to deal with hazardous substance accidents and emergencies
  • Ensure that employees exposed to hazardous substances are properly monitored
  • Prepare COSHH risk assessments.
  • Make certain useage of hazardous substances doesn’t exceed the Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL)
  • Check tasks are completed as they should be

Each project is different. As such Elite Safety Services will prepare you a full quote on what is required for your business and how much it will cost.

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