Risk Assessments

Workplace risk assessments

Risk Assessments

Employers have a legal duty to assess the risks to the health and safety of their employees. This includes risks to the health and safety of people not in their employment.
Elite Safety Services help our clients carry out this legal duty. We ensure that risk assessments are suitable for your company.

Risk Assessment support from Elite Safety Services

Elite Safety Services provide workplace risk assessment support to employers in Yorkshire and the North of England.

Risk assessments are a legal requirement in UK workplaces. Failure to complete correct risk assessments could leave you to face legal or financial penalties. Most importantly you could put your visitors and employees’ health and safety at risk.

Elite help our clients implement thorough risk assessment procedures within their businesses.

Risk Assessments FAQs

A risk assessment is an examination of what in the work environment has the potential to cause harm to people.

The Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974 means employers have a legal duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and anybody else who may be affected by their activities.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 states that employers must conduct a risk assessment of their premises to identify potential causes of harm and they must take action to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

A risk assessment should:

  • Identify possible causes of harm within the workplace
  • Evaluate the likelihood of that harm occurring with the safeguards you have in place
  • Ensure further safeguarding measures that are necessary to reduce the risk to as low a level practicable

Workplace risk assessments should be relevant to the operational activities. Some industries have specific legislative requirements.

The following are examples of risk assessments:

Fire risk assessments

In every workplace, fire safety management procedures are required, along with an assessment of fire risk that is suitable and sufficient.

Manual handling risk assessments

In any workplace where employees may be at risk of injury or ill-health as a result of lifting, carrying, or moving heavy objects, these tests should be conducted.

Display screen equipment (DSE) risk assessments

A requirement for employees (and others) using computers, laptops, etc. at work.

COSHH risk assessments

In workplaces where hazardous substances are stored, used or manufactured, COSHH risk assessments are required.

Each project is different. As such Elite Safety Services will prepare you a full quote on what is required for your business and how much it will cost.

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