Health & Safety Training

Asbestos Awareness Training

This half day Asbestos Awareness training course is fundamental level training. It is for people who do not work with asbestos-containing materials, but who may get exposed to risks.
It focuses on making workers aware of how to avoid the risks and avoid disturbing asbestos.

Abrasive Wheel Training

The abrasive wheels course covers:

  • What is an abrasive wheel?
  • Key legislation and guidance
  • Common hazards
  • Selection and handling of wheels
  • Safe use of wheels
  • Use of personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment
  • Controlling the risk posed by dust

COSHH Awareness Training

Our COSHH training course is for businesses that use potentially hazardous substances.
The COSHH training course trains employees on their responsibilities when working with hazardous substances.

Face Fit Testing

Face Fit testing ensures that workers form a protective seal when wearing RPE. (Respiratory Protective Equipment).
The test will provide reassurance to your employees and help your company to follow the law.

Fire Warden Training

The Fire Warden training course covers
  • Duties under the latest fire legislation
  • Fire-prevention measures
  • Correct use of fire extinguishers
  • How to organise a safe evacuation

Manual Handling Training

The Manual Handling course teaches moving and handling of objects in the workplace. This includes pushing, pulling, lifting and any other type of movement of objects.
Understanding risk assessments and how to handle objects reduces the risk of injury.

Risk Assessment Training

Risk assessments ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone within the workplace.
This Risk Assessment course is a short course. Recommended to those who carry out risk assessments, it also explains the process.
This course follows the NEBOSH format in carrying out risk assessments.

Work at Height Training

The Working at Height training course is for individuals that work above ground.

Candidates who work on rooftops, scaffolding, towers, or other elevated positions receive:

  • Training on how to identify the correct safety equipment
  • How to utilise safe working systems
  • How to minimise exposure to dangerous conditions

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